Image of Gold Roped Horseshoe Charm Bracelet

Gold Roped Horseshoe Charm Bracelet


Enameled 10k gold Roped Horseshoe charm on gold-filled paperclip chain. Charm measures 15mm in diameter with your choice of black, lemon cream, or fire red enamel.

In its upright position, the symbol serves as a receptacle for good luck as well as protection for its owner.

Enameled jewelry should not be exposed to chemicals, including chlorine, and should not be worn or submerged in water.

Please allow up to 3-6 weeks plus shipping for enameled jewelry not currently in-stock. Jewelry in-stock ships immediately.

All Kria jewelry is handmade in our Catskills studio and store using only certified reclaimed precious metals that are nickel-free and certified ethically-sourced stones.

For any inquiries or further questions, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist.


Image of Gold Roped Horseshoe Charm Bracelet