Image of The "Frankie" Gift Box

The "Frankie" Gift Box


Curated items with a hard-working spirit in mind including:

• 4 oz Workers Soap by Hudson Made
• 1 oz Cedar Clove Beard & Shave Oil by Hudson Made
• SEFOR certified Palo Santo stick
• Deck of ornate playing cards

Hudson Made Worker's Soap provides your hands with a heavy-duty, capable clean and natural pumice makes it perfectly suited for scrubbing tough spots like elbows and feet. Aromas of tobacco, cedar and patchouli. 4.0 oz. bar handcrafted in the Adirondacks and wrapped in letter-pressed paper.

Hudson Made Cedar Clove Beard & Shave Oil soothes your skin and your mind with a grounding blend of earthy spices. Cedar activates blood circulation and detoxifies the skin while clove neutralizes skin irritants. Allspice is a natural relaxant and cinnamon is a well-known anti-aging solution. Use independently as a beard moisturizer or pre-shaving to give your skin an extra layer of protection. 1 oz glass bottle with pump.

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