Image of The "Jessie" Gift Box

The "Jessie" Gift Box

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Treat someone or yourself to a curated selection of daily self-care including:

• Rose Glow Body Oil in 2 oz glass bottle by Dear Botanics
• Illuminate Eye Serum in 0.33 oz glass roll-on by Dear Botanics
• Small amethyst crystal cluster
• 100% silk eye mask hand-dyed by Kria World

Kria World silk eye masks prevent dry eyes and cool the face while “dark sleeping” in general increases melatonin and time in the REM cycle helping you sleep deeply and through the night.

Rose Glow Body Oil by Dear Botanics:
Offering almost all of the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair and skin while opening the heart chakra. Made with organic virgin apricot kernel oil, organic virgin sweet almond oil, organic rose geranium essential oil, organic red rose flower buds.

Illuminate Eye Serum by Dear Botanics:
Roll around the eyes, face and areas that require a rosy shimmer with a combination of botanicals and minerals that will nourish, de-puff and illuminate delicate skin. Made with organic virgin rose hip seed oil, organic virgin pomegranate seed oil, organic rose geranium essential oil, organic roman chamomile essential oil, mica.

Associated with the Third-Eye and Crown chakras, the elements of air and water, and the planet Jupiter. It is a powerful and protective stone which relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood, and dispels anger, fear and anxiety. (Vibration number 3)

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